Left Replacement AirPod – 2nd Generation



Reclaim your premium audio experience with our refurbished Apple AirPods 2nd Generation left earpiece. Perfect for those who’ve lost their original or need a replacement, our product allows you to enjoy the superb sound quality and advanced features of the 2nd Generation AirPods without buying a whole new set.

Key Product Features:

  • Apple Authenticity: This is a genuine, refurbished left ear replacement piece for the Apple AirPods 2nd Generation (Model number: A2032).
  • Compatibility Assured: It’s fully compatible with your existing AirPods 2nd Generation charging case. It pairs effortlessly with the A2031 right AirPod 2nd Generation.
  • Certified Refurbished: Our refurbished earpiece is rigorously tested to assure top-tier performance that mirrors a new product. Enjoy the remarkable audio quality and advanced features synonymous with the 2nd Generation AirPods.
  • Sanitized and Ready-to-Use: Your health is our priority. Each piece is meticulously cleaned and sanitized, ensuring it’s ready-to-use straight from the package.

Experience the clarity and convenience of our refurbished Apple AirPods 2nd Generation left earpiece. We’re committed to keeping your music, calls, and more sounding as good as ever.

(40 customer reviews)
Left Replacement AirPod - 2nd Generation $51.00 $44.00
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40 reviews for Left Replacement AirPod – 2nd Generation

  1. Miracle (verified owner)

    Hesitant at first, but this site delivered beyond my expectations.

  2. Chandler (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with my purchase, excellent experience.

  3. Chasity (verified owner)

    Great service, got my single AirPod in perfect condition.

  4. Patience (verified owner)

    Customer service was great in helping me find the right match.

  5. Alexys (verified owner)

    Customer service was helpful in guiding me through the process.

  6. Mavis (verified owner)

    One AirPod was damaged, but this site came to the rescue.

  7. Lennie (verified owner)

    Grateful for the option to purchase a single AirPod.

  8. Donna (verified owner)

    One AirPod died, but this site brought it back to life!

  9. Ivy (verified owner)

    Glad I stumbled upon this site, it solved my AirPod problem.

  10. Verlie (verified owner)

    Ordered with ease, and my new AirPod works like a charm.

  11. Brook (verified owner)

    Had one AirPod stop working, but the new one I ordered fixed everything!

  12. Rachelle (verified owner)

    Now I can truly appreciate the convenience of AirPods again.

  13. Jettie (verified owner)

    Ordered a single AirPod, and it synced perfectly with my existing one.

  14. Marisa (verified owner)

    Finally, I can enjoy my music in full stereo glory!

  15. Drake (verified owner)

    Impressed with the prompt service and delivery.

  16. Ivory (verified owner)

    Thank you for saving me from buying a whole new set!

  17. Kip (verified owner)

    Back to being wireless and loving it!

  18. Shaniya (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, and the single AirPod works flawlessly.

  19. Bonnie (verified owner)

    My AirPods are as good as new after getting the replacement.

  20. Eulalia (verified owner)

    Got the replacement AirPod, and now my set is complete!

  21. Raven (verified owner)

    Finally, I can enjoy my music in stereo again!

  22. Leta (verified owner)

    I was skeptical, but this site delivered on their promise!

  23. Marta (verified owner)

    No need to worry about a mismatched set; this solved it all.

  24. Juliana (verified owner)

    Thought I’d have to buy a whole new set, but this saved me money and hassle.

  25. Reilly (verified owner)

    Great solution for those who lost or damaged an AirPod.

  26. Marilyne (verified owner)

    Finally found a replacement for my lost AirPod, and it’s perfect!

  27. Zoila (verified owner)

    Quick and efficient service, just what I needed.

  28. Pietro (verified owner)

    So happy I found this site to fix my AirPod issue.

  29. Eriberto (verified owner)

    Received my single AirPod in perfect condition, sounds great!

  30. Zackary (verified owner)

    Thought I’d have to settle for wired earphones, but this saved me.

  31. Kattie (verified owner)

    Thrilled to have my stereo experience restored with the replacement.

  32. Destiney (verified owner)

    My AirPod set feels balanced again, thank you!

  33. Ayla (verified owner)

    Lost one AirPod, but the site made it easy to get back to the wireless life.

  34. Velva (verified owner)

    Received my replacement AirPod in excellent condition.

  35. Tamara (verified owner)

    So relieved to have my stereo sound back after ordering a single AirPod.

  36. Gordon (verified owner)

    Saved me the trouble of hunting for a single AirPod elsewhere.

  37. Margarett (verified owner)

    My AirPod set is whole again, thanks to this site.

  38. Jamil (verified owner)

    My AirPods are like new again, couldn’t be happier!

  39. Bart (verified owner)

    Feeling complete again with my new AirPod replacement.

  40. Alysa (verified owner)

    Ordered a single AirPod, and now my set is complete again!

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