About Us

Welcome to One Pod Shop, your trusted marketplace for individual AirPod components and complete sets at a discount.

Our journey begins with our founder, Sina Khalili, a passionate tech enthusiast and possibly the world’s most forgetful person, based in Toronto.

Inspired by his own experience of having to purchase a complete AirPod set whenever a single component was misplaced, he saw an opportunity for a better solution: buy in bulk, buy refurbished, test & check, sell for cheap. A platform that offered flexible, tailored options for AirPod users, and thus, OnePodShop was born.

Sina Khalili, Founder and chronic AirPod misplacer

At OnePodShop, we prioritize customer convenience. Our unique offering includes individual AirPods and standalone cases, enabling customers to purchase the exact components they need. This approach eliminates the necessity to buy a complete set each time there’s a loss or damage, providing an effective and economical solution.

Moreover, we understand that some customers prefer to buy a complete set. Hence, we also offer full AirPod sets at discounted rates, ensuring a flexible and affordable solution for all AirPod users.

Thanks for checking us out and we hope you give OnePodShop a chance!

P.S: Have something to share and wanna hop on a quick call? I love talking to potential customers or just people out there on the other side of the screen. If there’s any feedback you’d like to give, and want a face to talk to (or yell at πŸ˜…), feel free to book a little chat here with me

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